The start

French language combined with fashion

Our team consists out of brother and sister who grew up with fashion during their whole life because of their mum. It is our second nature and we embrace our mission and focus on the individual by bringing creative ideas to the table.

Every drawing starts with a dream

The creation of our signature collection and a new partnership

The LOVE collection

Every collection has a different story and this story is about LOVE. All our quotes are references to love and all our designs are limited edition and sustainable. Everybody is unique and has their own story.

We've also partnered up with Asos which is one of the biggest online fashion retailers in the world. We're proud of this partnership and we will keep on pushing it.

The future

Our new collection is online.

Our new collection is named after the European navigation satellite system and Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer. Galileo is the answer to the American GPS system. We experience the numerous advantages of GPS and connectivity between different parts of the world. That’s why we want to connect with our followers. 

The brand keeps on growing internationally in countries like The Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Spain and even Japan.  We will design more exclusive collections and build partnerships with retailers.