About us

Inspired by the French language and the individual.​

Our mission is to create sustainable and premium clothing. 

We incorporate the French language into our designs and we want to give people a voice through fashion. French has always had a big influence in our life. It's also the most beautiful language in the world, the language of love and passion.

Each collection has a story. Every story is unique and that's why every collection is limited edition. We want to position ourselves as a unique brand and that's why we focus on storytelling. It's all about having fun and giving people a voice through fashion, it's all about you. 

We want to treat people with a sense of style by offering clothing that tells a story and is unique, like you. We change the center of attention to quality and sustainability in a world that is dominated by fast fashion and all it's negative effects on the world. 

You can read more about our current collection in the section "concept". 

Our team consists out of brother and sister who grew up with fashion during their whole life because of their mum. It is our second nature and we embrace our mission and focus on the individual by bringing creative ideas to the table.

Every drawing starts with a dream